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There are no more left

Do NOT order any as inventory is gone

Feel free to send me money if you have too much though

seriously, there are no more TuxScreen phones. This page contains the old info for those few orders in shipment now, but no new orders will be accepted

TuxScreens in Inventory: about 0 units left. They were $99 USD but now they're gone.


2002.07.28 TimRiker is headed out of the country for a work issue. All orders up till Thursday night shipped Friday. We expect to ship phones on Tuesday the 20th but then no other orders will be processed until 2002.08.20 sorry for the late notice. Oh, and we are now out of JTAG dongles. We do not expect to order any more and the phones are about gone. Contact http://www.aleph1.co.uk/ to see if they have more.

2002.07.03 There are no more 2 pack or 4 pack boxes. Include sufficent funds for shipping individual single boxes, or I will not ship them. Inventory is running very low. Incomplete orders will not be reserved so you may miss out.

2002.06.23 All orders up till the evening of June 20th either have shipped or will ship on June 24th. I will not be processing orders till July 1-2 as I will be at http://LinuxSymposium.org/ for the week. Look me up if you are planning to attend.

Shipments are Tuesday and Friday for all orders received by Monday night and Thurday night respectively. TuxScreen phones are available for purchase from TimRiker. They come fully assembled with Inferno installed, and with some of the flash blocks locked so you will need to follow FlashUnlock and InstallingLinux to get Linux running. The price include the TuxScreen with display, US PowerSupply, InfraredKeyboard, stylus, and US phone cable.

TimRiker has been using his PayPal account at Sales@TuxScreen.net for orders. PayPal accepts payments from credit cards, wired transfers and other methods. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can get one for free here:


http://images.paypal.com/images/verification_seal.gif I'm PayPal Verified

Shipping will run about $17 dollars per phone and should be included with the order. To pay via paypal, just do a paypal "send money" to sales@tuxscreen.net for the total including shipping. Please include your shipping address, the shipping type (priority, parcel post, etc) and order details in the "comments" section of the order.

If you would like to order one by check or money order, mail TimRiker a check for $99 + shipping of your choice. Shipping is about $17 USD per phone to addresses in the US. Include your return address, the shipping method you choose, your email address and phone number in case I need to contact you.

Tim Riker Old Address deleted

As this is a wiki page, you may want to confirm that address on my web site before sending money: http://Rikers.org/resume.htm

You may want to talk to me (TimRiker) on IRC (irc.freenode.net) first. I will accept calls about the phones, but would strongly prefer to chat over IRC or email (Tim@Rikers.org). If you would like to talk voice, please contact me via IRC or email first. I've had calls at really late hours as people have miscalculated the timezone differences.

Each phone is in a 15x13x5 inch box that weighs about 7 pounds 14 ounces. These are packaged separately, so include enough shipping for each unit.

You can check USPS domestic shipping using above weight and source ZIP of 84058 here:


We do accept international orders. The purchaser is responsible for any taxes and/or vat charges. International shipments also go via the US Post Office. Shipping type is "Package" and weight as above on the International calculator:


Note that Insurance is also available, $2 for one phone and $3 for two.

If you would prefer to mail me a check or money order, feel free to do so. I will process orders by check after the check goes through.

We do not have any JTAG cables. We did have JTAG dongles but are out of them now. You might try http://www.aleph1.co.uk/ to see if they have any. You probably only need one dongle for one or more phones. Note that a dongle is not required for InstallingLinux, it is only required if you flash a bad bootloader or erase the bootlloader by mistake.

We will do the blob install for $20 (the linux bootloader), which also requires the $25 FlashUnlock to be performed.

Understand that these are being sold for the use of hackers. The parts are worth more, probably over $300, but we are interested in running Linux on them and so would like to sell to folks that will be contributing to that effort.

Remember! Linux support is not complete for these machines. These are for hacking and development Not typical end-user usage. There is NO support for these. You are purchasing them As Is With No Warrantee.

Please refrain from editing my address above on this page. ;-)

Home page: http://rikers.org/

I go by BZFlag on IRC on irc.freenode.net most of the time. Look for us in the #eLinux channel!

TimRiker is now offering to the FlashUnlock procedure on new phones. This means that you can install Linux on them without having to build and attach a 12v power supply to the test points. For $25 USD extra he will do this for you. Be sure to note this in your order. Phones still function fine unlocked. This procedure just needs to be done once before any software upgrades can be done. TimRiker is now also offering to pre-install blob on phones. This service is $20 usd and requires the $25 FlashUnlock fee as well. A phone shipping this way will not have any console display yet. It will only have a blob prompt on serial and the user will be required to install the linux kernel and a rootfs in order to get the device to boot. This does avoid the user having to setup InfernoRemote and you can start with uploading the kernel from InstallingLinux.

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