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09-10-2002: I made 2 smaller cables of about 2", and I'm glad to say that it works perfectly :) I'll post some pictures later.

08-29-2002: Today I tried separating the 2 boards of the tuxscreen and re-connecting them using a cable instead of plugging one directly on the other (using the 2x17 pins headers), permitting to place the boards in a different way. Well, it has not been a great success; it seems that the cable I got was way too long (about 12", I actually got 2 cables, 20 pins each or so (where 17x2 are needed)), but I just need something like 2-3", so I'll probably try to make up a new cable (because I don't think I'll be able to find a cable that short anywhere).

If anyone has already tried to make something like that, please feel free to add information to this page.

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